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Cell Adhesion and Mechanics Lab

Benoit Ladoux's Lab researches novel microfabricated devices for the quantitative imaging of living organisms.

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BPASTBacterial Pathogenesis & Signal Transduction Lab: BPaST

Linda Kenney’s laboratory employs interdisciplinary approaches to understand environmental signaling in bacteria, host specificity of bacterial pathogens, gene silencing and relief of silencing in Salmonella. Find out more at


Mechanics of Development Lab: MoD

Timothy Saunders' laboratory studies how biological systems manage to function so reliably despite the inevitable presence of noise (i.e. how is nature "robust"?).

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Actin Biomechanics and Cell Dynamics Lab

Alexander Bershadsky's laboratory studies basic (ABCD) processes of self-organization of actin structures in the cell, which depend on assembly of actin filaments mediated by formin family proteins, cell contractility mediated by myosins, and anchorage and nucleation of the actin arrays at adhesion complexes (focal adhesions, podosomes and cell-cell junctions). Find out more at



MechanoBioEngineering Laboratory

CT Lim's laboratory is an interdisciplinary team of engineers, life scientists and clinicians addressing important scientific and biomedical problems relating to human diseases. In particular, the lab conducts mechanobiology research on diseases associated with cancer, malaria, sepsis and aging so as to provide new insights and better understand their pathophysiology. Find out more at



The Nuclear Mechanics & Genome Regulation Laboratory

GV Shivashankar's is interested in understanding the role of cell geometry on nuclear mechanics and genome regulation. Find out more at