Recent video from the Bershadsky Lab

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Endothelial cells expressing GFP-CCL2, a secreted chemokine. CCL2 is found in the Golgi as well as in vesicles moving towards the cell surface.

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EGFP-Lifeact labeled cells showing a transient assembly of perinuclear actin ring upon mechanical stimulation by micropipette.

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Filopodia growth under mechanical force. An optically trapped 2um fibronectin coated latex bead was attached to myosin 10 induced filopodia of HeLa cells tranfected with GFP myosin 10 and RFP Ftractin. The Nikon A1R confocal microscope stage was moved at a steady rate of 14nm/s, bringing the cell away from the bead. The filopodia grew 10 um during the experiment.