• Viasnoff lab
  • Viasnoff lab

Virgile Viasnoff's lab focuses on using interdisciplinary approaches to image, understand, control and model the mesoscale organization of
cell-cell junctions and their role in juxtacrine signaling and metabolic activity.

Synthetic micro environments and microprobes. From micro-dishes to micro-niches

Microfabricated substrates with differential 3D protein coating to control the morphology of cultured cells. Microfluidic devices to probe the mechanics of cell-cell junctions.

Mechanobiology of Hepatocytes. Morpho-functional control of bile canaliculi

Determine the morpho-metabolic relation of Bile Canaliculi in Hepatocytes. Control Hepatocyte growth and arrangements by microfabricated substrates.

Mechanosensitive response and mesoscopic organization of adherens junction

To study and model the dynamics of reorganization of protein organization at adherens junction. To assess the role of local stress distribution.