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Selected Publications

Desai, S.K., Winardhi, R.S., Dykas, M.M. Periasamy, S., Yan, J. and L.J. Kenney. The horizontally-acquired response regulator SsrB drives a Salmonella lifestyle switch by relieving biofilm silencing.e-Life. 5:e10747. 2016.DOI:

Winardhi R.S., Yan, J. and L.J. Kenney. H-NS is an Environmental Sensor that Regulates Gene Expression and Compacts the Nucleoid: Insights from Single Molecule Experiments. Biophys. J.7:1321-1329. 2015. PMC 4601063

Foo, Y.H., Gao, Y., Zhang, H.F. and L.J. Kenney. Cytoplasmic Signaling by the Inner Membrane EnvZ Histidine Kinase. Prog. Biophys. Mol. Biol. 118:119-129. 2015. PMID 25937465

Foo, Y.H., Spahn, C., Zhang, H.F., Heilemann, M. and L.J. Kenney. Single Cell Super-resolution Imaging of E. coli OmpR During Environmental Stress. Integrative Biology Mechanobiology Issue. 7:1297-1308. 2015. DOI: 10.1039/C5IB00077G

Cheong, F.C., Wong, C.C., Gao, Y., Nai, B.M.H., Cui, Y. Park, S., Kenney, L.J. and C.T. Lim. Rapid, High-throughput Tracking of Bacterial Motility in 3D using Phase Contrast Holographic Video Microscopy. Biophysical J. 108:1248-56.

Chakraborty S, Mizusaki H, Kenney LJ. A FRET-based DNA biosensor tracks OmpR-dependent acidification of Salmonella during macrophage infection. PLOS Biology. April 2015. 13(4):e1002116.

Lim, C.J., Kenney, L.J. and J. Yan. Two distinct DNA-binding modes of H-NS differentially regulate DNA supercoiling. Nuc. Acids. Res. 42(13):8369-78. 2014.

Adediran, J., Leatham-Jensen, M., Mokszycki, M.E., Frimodt-Mřller, J., Krogfelt, K.,  Kazmierczak, K., Kenney, L.J., Conway, T., and P.S. Cohen. An Escherichia coli Nissle 1917 P41L envZ Missense Mutant is a Better Colonizer of The Streptomycin-Treated Mouse Intestine than Wildtype E. coli Nissle 1917, but not a Better Probiotic Agent. Infect. Immun.82(2):670-82. 2014.

Wong, V., Pickard, D., Barquist, L., Sivaraman, K., Hart, P., Arends, M., Holt, K., Kane, L., Mottram, L., Ellison, L., Kay, S., Wileman, T., Kenney, L.J., MacLennan, C., Kingsley, R., and G. Dougan. Characterization of the yehUT two-component regulatory system of Salmonella enterica serovars Typhi and Typhimurium. PLoSOne. 8(12):e84567. 2013.

Wang, L. C., L. K. Morgan, P. Godakumbura, L.J. Kenney and G.S Anand. The inner membrane histidine kinase EnvZ senses osmolality via helix-coil transitions in the cytoplasm. EMBO J. 31(11): 2648-2659. PMC22543870.

Wang, L.C., Morgan, L.K., Godakumbura, P., Kenney, L.J. and G.S. Anand. Amide hydrogen deuterium exchange mass spectrometry reveals the inner membrane histidine kinase EnvZ senses osmolality via helix-coil transitions in the cytoplasm. EMBO J. 31:2648-2659. 2012. PMC22543870.

Lim, C.J., Whang, Y.R., Kenney, L.J. and J. Yan. Gene silencing H-NS paralogue StpA forms a rigid protein filament along DNA that blocks DNA accessibility. Nuc. Acids Res. 40:3316-3328. 2012. PMC22187157.

Naveed, H., Jimenez-Morales, D., Tian, J., Pasupuleti, V., Kenney, L.J. and J. Liang. Engineered oligomerization state of OmpF protein through computational design decouples oligomer dissociation from unfolding. J. Mol. Biol. 419:89-101. 2012. PMC22391420.

Lim, C. J., Lee, S. Y., Kenney, L. J. and J. Yan. Nucleoprotein filament formation is the structural basis for bacterial protein H-NS gene silencing. Sci Rep. 2:509-514. 2012 PMC3396134.

Walthers, D. Li, Y., Liu, Y. Yan, J. and L.J. Kenney. The Salmonella enterica response regulator SsrB relieves H-NS silencing by displacing H-NS bound in polymerization mode and directly activates transcription. J. Biol. Chem. 266:1895-1902. 2011.

Kenney, L.J. How Important is the Phosphatase Activity of Sensor Kinases? Invited review on Two-Component Regulatory Systems. Curr. Op. Microbiol. 13:1-9. 2010.

Liu, Y., Chen, H., Kenney, L.J. and J. Yan. A divalent switch drives H-NS/DNA binding conformations between stiffening and bridging modes. Genes Develop. 24(4):339-344. 2010.

Gerken, H., Charlson, E.S., Cicirelli, E.M., Kenney, L.J. and R. Misra. MzrA: a novel modulator of the EnvZ/OmpR two-component regulon. Mol. Microbiol. 6:1408-1422. 2009.

Lin, W.J., Walthers, D. Connelly, J.E., Burnside, K., Jewell, K.A., Kenney, L.J. and R. Rajagopal. Threonine phosphorylation prevents promoter DNA binding of the Group B Streptococcus response regulator CovR. Mol. Microbiol. 71:1477-1495. 2009.

Liao, X., Carroll, R., Morgan, L.K., Cicerelli, E., Li, Y., Sheng, W., Feng, X., and L.J. Kenney.Structural and functional analysis of the C-terminal DNA binding domain of the SalmonellaTyphimurium SPI-2 response regulator SsrB. J. Biol. Chem. 284:12008-12019. 2009.